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Evernote: Service Overview

Evernote is a robust note-taking app with basic task management capabilities. The Evernote desktop app lets you create, organize, and share digital notes of any kind—text, photos, audio, and articles saved from the web—and then syncs everything across all your different devices.

Use Cases Where Evernote Excels

  • Note-taking: Evernote is a fantastic note-taking app that allows you to capture text, images, voice recordings, and web clippings. You can organize your notes using notebooks, tags, and checklists. Evernote's search function is also very powerful, so you can easily find what you're looking for later.

  • Information organization: Evernote is a great way to store and organize all sorts of information, from meeting notes and research articles to receipts and travel documents. You can create notebooks for different topics, and then use tags to further categorize your notes. Evernote also makes it easy to clip articles and web pages from your browser, so you can save them for later reference.

  • Collaboration: Evernote Business allows you to share notebooks and notes with others, which can be helpful for collaborating on projects or keeping everyone on the same page. You can also use Evernote to create shared workspaces, where you can store and share files, notes, and tasks.

  • Research: Evernote is a great tool for research. You can use it to clip articles and web pages, save PDFs, and take notes on your research. Evernote's search function makes it easy to find the information you're looking for, and you can also use tags to categorize your research notes.

  • Task management: Evernote can also be used for basic task management. You can create checklists in your notes, and you can also set reminders for yourself. However, there are more powerful task management tools available if that's your primary need.

What is the Evernote App competitive advantage?

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: Evernote prioritizes a straightforward, "low-friction" experience. Unlike competitors that try to be everything (notes, wikis, databases, etc.), Evernote keeps things simple, functioning more like a digital file cabinet. This makes it easy to jump in and capture information quickly.

  • Focus on Note-Taking: While others are adding bells and whistles, Evernote remains strong in its core functionality: note-taking. It offers powerful features for capturing text, images, audio, and web clippings, making it a versatile tool for various information gathering needs.

  • Offline Functionality: Evernote allows you to access and work on your notes even without an internet connection. This can be crucial for situations where you need to capture information on the go or in areas with spotty internet.

When to use an Evernote alternative?

  • Need for More Advanced Features: If you require a more feature-rich workspace than Evernote's core functionality, there are options. Some competitors, like Notion or Zoho Notebook, offer features like project management, task delegation, and database creation alongside note-taking.

  • Cost: Evernote's free tier has limitations on storage and features. If you need more storage or functionality than the free tier offers, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan. Some alternatives, like Microsoft OneNote or Google Keep, offer more generous free plans or entirely free service.

  • Focus on Specific Needs: If your primary need is task management or collaborative work, other options might be better suited. Trello or Asana excel in task management, while tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Teams offer superior collaborative features.

  • Privacy Concerns: Evernote's free tier limits offline access to notes. If you need all your notes accessible offline and prioritize complete privacy, some open-source alternatives like Joplin offer complete control over your data.

  • Complexity: If Evernote's simplicity feels too basic for your needs, there are options with more complex features and customization options. However, this complexity can come at the cost of a steeper learning curve.

Benefits of Evernote Desktop integration with Mailbird

When you integrate your favorite communications, collaboration, and productivity apps with the award-winning Mailbird email client, you have the most powerful productivity tool right on your desktop:

  • Improved Workflow and Increased Productivity: Accessing Evernote directly from your inbox allows you to quickly reference notes, jot down ideas sparked by emails, or create to-do lists directly related to an email without interrupting your email flow.

  • Decluttered Workspace: By having Evernote accessible within Mailbird, you can eliminate the need to switch between applications. This reduces desktop clutter and keeps you focused on your email tasks without the distraction of opening separate windows.

  • Quick Access to Notes: Having Evernote within Mailbird provides instant access to your notes. This lets you review past discussions, share relevant information with colleagues through emails, or simply refresh your memory on a topic mentioned in an email exchange.

  • Enhanced Focus: With Evernote integrated, you can avoid the constant back-and-forth between email and note-taking apps. This minimizes distractions and allows you to stay concentrated on the task at hand, whether it's composing an email or reviewing notes.

  • Centralized Workspace: Mailbird's integration with Evernote contributes to a more unified workspace. You can consolidate frequently used apps like Evernote within Mailbird, allowing you to manage and configure everything from a central, user-friendly interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Evernote and Mailbird.

How do I set up Evernote integration in Mailbird?
To set up Evernote integration in Mailbird, you need to install the Mailbird app and then add Evernote to your Mailbird account. You can do this by clicking on the 'Add Account' button in the Mailbird app and then selecting Evernote from the list of available apps.
How does integrating Evernote enhance my Mailbird experience?
Integrating Evernote with Mailbird enhances your Mailbird experience by allowing you to access all of your favorite apps and services in one place. This makes it easier to stay organized and manage your work more efficiently.
Where can I get help if I encounter problems with Evernote integration?
If you encounter problems with Evernote integration in Mailbird, you can get help from the Mailbird support team. They can assist you with any issues you may encounter and help you get the most out of your Mailbird experience.
Does integrating Evernote with Mailbird affect email management?
Integrating Evernote with Mailbird does not affect email management. You can still manage your emails as you normally would, and you can access all of your Evernote features within the Mailbird app.
Can I customize the Evernote integration settings within Mailbird?
Yes, you can customize the Evernote integration settings within Mailbird to suit your preferences. This includes setting up notifications, managing your contacts, and accessing your calendar.
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We're proud to have been helping our customers get more done. Here's what they have to say about Mailbird.

I have been using mailbird since 2014

The ergonomy is very efficient, all the gmail features are present but it is so handy to add links to so many other apps including whatsapp, skype, calendar of course,... find out by yourselves, you will be impressed.

Works like a dream

Works like a dream. Great set of integrations, great support team - I had to move mailbird to a different PC and the team's answer was spot on - worked first time, was responsive and timely. The product itself is A1 - One of the best email clients I have ever used.

Mailbird has many functions that…

Mailbird has many functions that Outlook has at a fraction of the cost. It syncs to Google calendar, Todoist, Facebook and LinkedIn. I can also use Mailbird to receive and send email from my Gmail accounts.

Great support. Great email client.

The support folks at Mailbird are brilliant. First, they listen. If there is something I need to know, they tell me. If there is a flaw in the product, they pass it on to developers. (There aren't many. It's a pretty darn good email client, with a lot of extra social media integrations.)

productivity increaser

very useful and productive app. it helps in managing all my mail and social media account on a single window. it increases my productivity.